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I recently stayed at 5 star resort and was fortunate to get upgraded to fabulous suite complete with living room and fireplace, dinning room, master bedroom, 1 ½ baths and wet bar. Certainly our expectations were more then exceeded. Part of our package included breakfast, which we were eagerly anticipating enjoying in their highly rated restaurant. The next morning while … Read More

What You Need to Know About Oral Sleep Appliances

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As dentists we will occasionally have a patient ask if we can treat snoring or may have been told by their physician to inquire about an oral appliance. We know if snoring is due to sleep apnea it can result in an increased risk for a growing number of health problems such as: high blood pressure, stroke, irregular heart beat, … Read More

Lasers in Dentistry, Really?

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Lasers in dentistry

I was at a recent gathering and it wasn’t long before someone asked what I did for work. I mentioned I was a dentist and as usual people tell me about their dental experiences. One person stated they hated the sound of the high speed drill, another had gum surgery which for them was a very painful ordeal. I told … Read More