Waterlase iPlus & Diode Training

Laser dentistry is becoming more essential in dental offices because it allows the placement of restorations in multiple quadrants without the need for local anesthesia. Soft tissue procedures such as frenectomy, gingivectomy, and crown lengthening that have been traditionally referred out to specialists can now be done comfortably in your office.

Lasers allow for minimally invasive treatment that patients prefer because of the minimal or no post-operative pain, bleeding or swelling. Dentists embrace the technology as it results in happier patients and higher production.

Many dentists who have lasers don’t fully utilize the capabilities of laser dentistry and find their return on investment disappointing. The successful implementation of lasers in the office requires training to learn the techniques and gain the confidence for accomplishing laser procedures. The advantage of in-office training allows the entire team to become invested in the concept of minimally invasive dentistry and will show doctors how to successfully implement this technology in their office.

In Office training you will learn:

• Techniques for tooth preparation using extracted teeth (supplied by office)
• Frenectomy
• Gingivectomy
• Crown Lengthening
• Fibroma Removal
• Periodontal Regenerative Procedures, REPAIR Perio™ by Biolase
• Laser Bandage for the treatment of Aphthous Ulcers & Herpetic Lesions

Soft tissue procedures will be practiced on pig jaws that will be shipped to your office.

Waterlase training consultation - Dr Paul Caselle

“Paul, you were an excellent teacher who provided the material in a logical, easy to understand and fun manner. We appreciated all of the extra time you spent with the pig teeth and the lasers hands-on that helped us get comfortable with the Waterlase as well as the Epic Lase.” -Dr. Olin, New Jersey
Waterlase training consultation - Dr Paul Caselle

Gain the ability to implement this technology

more completely into your practice, optimizing your return on investment while providing a better patient experience.