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With over 40 years of running a successful dental practice, Dr. Caselle’s presentations encourage dentists to move beyond their comfort zone and embrace new systems and technology. Learn how to create an enhanced patient experience while keeping dentistry in house with the dental team patients know and trust.

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Laser Dentistry - Dental Speaking

The Laser Enhanced Patient Experience

Lasers allow the dentist to use minimally invasive treatments for periodontitis, improving endodontic outcomes, restoring teeth without using anesthetic and many other soft tissue procedures that can increase profitability. Learn more

Orthodontics Dental Speaking

MIND READER, MIRACLE WORKER, MAGICIAN… THAT’S YOU! Unlock the Secrets by Communication

Learn steps for effectively using communication and technology to create greater consistency with less stress and a more productive and happier team. Achieve an elevated level of patient care that will keep patients coming back. Learn more

Successful Dental Practice - Dr. Paul Caselle dental speaker

DOCTOR… HEAL THY PRACTICE: Get your RX for Success

Dentists are focused on patient care and very often are not prepared, comfortable, or confident in running a business which can result in more stress and loss of production and income. Get your prescription for a healthier practice. Learn more

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